The Magazine of History & Fiction

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Introduction As you can see, this is only a threadbare introductory page to a project that is still in its beginning stages. For the time being, it is but a satellite effort of an even bigger project, the webzine called The Magazine of History & Fiction. For now, this is some free advertising for the fledglng H & F, however, once H & F should start up and running as a regular operation and actually start publishing issues, then the basic idea is to place the Western-oriented pieces that H & F publishes in lists by category on Page 2 of this website. On Page 3 there will be a comprehensive list of links relating to Westerns and the Old West.

What We're Interested In:

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Writer's Guidelines

The Magazine of History & Fiction is the premiere webzine of both Historical Fact & Historical Fiction. It is the one and only historical webzine that publishes pieces of up to 25,000 words long. It is both edited & published by Charles Rector. No poetry or artwork please. The same goes if you want to submit your work in the form of text in the email or as an attachment. There is no payment other than the exposure that you will get as a writer. Of course, Letters of Comment are always welcome. Material not written or produced by the Editor/Publisher is printed by permission of the various writers and artists and is copyright by them and remains their sole property and reverts to them after publication. Page 2 Page 3